Gamepad on a Gaming Bean Bag Chair

Video games get a bad reputation for many things, but one of them is the fact that, when playing, you’re sitting for a long time. This can cause havoc on your posture and lead to a lot of back pain.

But you don’t have to accept this as a symptom of gaming. If you have the right chair and sit in the correct position, you can be comfortable as long as you want to be.

Bean bags are a great alternative to standard gaming chairs, and many people are starting to see their benefits. But why should you ditch your favourite chair for a bean bag? Read on to find out.

What are the Benefits of Using Bean Bags as Gaming Chairs?

1. They Can Reduce Back Pain

As pointed out before, one of the main issues with prolonged time spent gaming is the toll it takes on your back. Sitting for long periods with bad posture causes strain to your muscles, which can lead to lower back pain and spine issues

Unfortunately, many gamers will sit on the floor or their couch when playing, often ending up slouching forward and giving in to bad posture.

When spending time gaming, you need a chair that gives your back and neck proper support, so you don’t end up with back pain down the line.

A bean bag is a great option as the micro-beads contour to the shape of your body, adapting to the natural curvature of your spine and giving it the support it needs. You’re not forced into uncomfortable positions as you may be with a harder chair, and you’re not forced to slouch to try to get comfortable.

2. They Can Be More Affordable

Gaming is an expensive hobby. Between the consoles, accessories and games themselves, you might not have the extra cash to splurge on a proper ergonomic chair that gives you the support you need.

A quality gaming chair can cost upwards of €150, which can seem like a lot to pay for a chair, especially when you have a couch or bed at home that you think is fine.

Bean bags are a cheaper alternative to gaming chairs and a safer alternative to the edge of your bed. You get the same benefits and less risk of health issues later in life.

3. They Can Save You Space

Depending on where you usually spend your time gaming, you might not have the space for big gaming chairs. If you typically play in your bedroom or sitting room, you might need the space at other times if you have guests over or just want to relax yourself.

Bean bags are a more compact solution and easily moveable if your gaming space is the same as your entertaining space.

4. They’re Versatile

A proper gaming chair can't really be used for much else other than gaming. You can’t relax and stretch out or take a nap in a gaming chair, which makes it a bit redundant during the times you’re not playing.

A bean bag, on the other hand, can be used for many different occasions. As extra seating when you have people over, outdoor seating on a warmer day, an ideal place for an afternoon nap, or somewhere cosy to sit and read a book. The options are endless.

As it's so easily portable, it can be moved from room to room as well, which you couldn’t do with a bigger, more bulky gaming chair.

So those are the reasons why investing in a bean bag may be a better option than a gaming chair. But how do you know how to choose the best bean bag for the job?

Different design, sizes and material of gaming chair bean bags

What to Look for When Choosing a Bean Bag for Gaming?


The main thing for a gaming bean bag to have is proper neck and back support. You want a bean bag that’s designed with a higher back and is durable enough to keep you propped up for long periods in comfort.


The size of your space, as well as the bean bag, are important when choosing the right seat.

What room will you be doing most of your gaming in? How much space do you have there for your bean bag?

You need to make sure the bean bag you get will fit in your space, but that it’s also the right size for comfort and support. It should be large enough for you to be able to switch positions during your gaming session, but not so large that you’re spread out with no back support.


The material your bean bag is made of should also be considered when choosing the right one.

It needs to be a comfortable material as you’ll likely be sitting on it for prolonged periods. It should be soft, like PU leather, so that it won’t irritate you after a while, and durable, like nylon, so it can maintain your body shape.

Do you eat and drink while gaming? Some materials are easier to clean than others if there are spillages or stains. Cotton may not be the best material as it can absorb stains and needs to be machine washed. But PU leather, nylon or polyester are much simpler to clean with just a damp cloth and soapy water.

So that’s what you need to be looking for when choosing your gaming bean bag. Now on to the good stuff: which bean bags we recommend for gamers.

Child expressively enjoying the game with the bean bag

Which Bean Bags are Best For Gamers?

Happy Pig Chair

The Happy Pig Chair has a higher back than standard bean bags, which gives you support and helps with your posture while gaming.

It’s made from soft PU leather which makes it comfortable to sit on for long periods, and it’s easy to clean up any food or drink stains.

It also comes in a polyester version which is suitable for outdoor use, so has the versatility you want from a bean bag. It’s also water-resistant, so there’s no harm done if you knock your drink over during an exciting part of your game.

Fengjing Seat Bean Bag Chair

Like the Happy Pig Chair, the Fengjing Seat Bean Bag Chair has a higher structure to support your back and neck. It also has a wider base that gives your legs extra comfort and you more room to move around.

It’s available in a whopping 15 colours so there’s no doubt you’ll find one to suit your taste.

Fatboy Original

While the Fatboy Original bean bag doesn't have the higher, chair-like back that the others have, it's big and malleable so you can manipulate the beans into a position that supports your back.

It’s made from near-indestructible nylon and is triple stitched at the seams, so you know it’ll last as long as you need it.

It’s also water-resistant so you can eat and drink to your heart's content without worrying about having to pause your game for a big clean up if you spill something.

The main thing to remember about using a bean bag as a gamer is that you need to support your back and neck. After that, as long as you’re comfortable and like the look of your chair, any bean bag will do.